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When giving to Little Pink Ribbon Girl Foundation, we want you to feel confident in who we are helping. From the Mom and Dad who have a young son battling cancer to the elderly widow fighting her battle alone to the young mom of four who is fighting her battle while raising children, Little Pink Ribbon Girl Foundation is there to help. While you might realize that we support breast cancer by our name; pink ribbon, that is not all who we help. We know that cancer doesn’t care if you are starting a new career, if you are finally financially stable or if you just welcomed your new grandson to the world. It is life changing hearing the words “you have cancer”. Our Foundation knows what it feels like when your world gets flipped upside down when cancer takes over your life. That is why our mission is to help all those individuals who must fight this horrendous disease. We are dedicated to helping alleviate some of the burden it brings. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or age, all are welcome to apply to our financial grants.

Our focus is to lift our community when they need it most. This is our hometown and we want to be a part of making it even better than it already is. Help us by telling someone about our Foundation, sign up to volunteer, donate to our cause or come to our events. As our own Little Pink Ribbon Girl, Angie Conley would have said “Be Well and Have Hope”. We ask that you join us being the Hope for our neighbors in Stark County. 

We help more than just breast cancer patients.

We help all of Stark County when they need it most. 

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